Flomate - Period Tracker

A Period Tracking App designed to make it easy for women to track and manage their menstrual cycle. With a simple and intuitive interface, Flomate allows users to log their period, predict their fertile days, and receive reminders for upcoming periods and ovulation.

Track Your Monthly Flo

Most of the ladies tend to indulge a lot in their lives. As a result, they have very little time to focus on their health. Thus, to prioritize their health, we created Flomate for all the super women. 


Through this app, women can keep a track on their period cycle. The subtle theme of Flo Mate provides you the liberty to pin the dates of your menstruation.


Additionally, the calendar also lets you keep a track on the ovulation days. Hence, the plans for starting a new family is always easier through Flomate.

Get Accurate Prompts

This loyal server makes the tracking process super easy. The application constantly reminds you the start and end date of your periods, beforehand.


So, you will always be ready to tackle those painful days without any halt in your businesses. The app also calculates the perfect dates of your ovulation.


Evidently, this increases the chance of conceiving a lot more. This proves the fact that Flomate will assist you in your period and ovulation cycle.

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