Lunahead - Healing Mind & Soul

 Lunahead is a single destination to shed all your stress. 

Be it stressful mornings or sleepless nights, 

We’re here to hold your hand in every situation.

Maintain Mental Wellness

A strong mind prevails above all. The physical wounds may heal, but the scars of the mind take time to wear off. 

Mental Health is a matter of grave concern, yet we tend to neglect it. Owing to our hectic schedules in this fast-paced era, our sole focus is on earning bread and butter. However, this should not be at the expense of mental peace. 

To relieve you of any stress and alleviate the effects of your anxieties, we are putting forth Lunahead.

All About The App

Lunahead, an app where you get a huge abundance of soothing audios; most of which also include visual images. These audios are spread over a library of Guided Meditations, Sleep Stories, Soundscapes, Tonal Music, and a lot more. 


Do one simple thing. Try listening to any music piece of your choice before going to bed. Trust me, you will sleep like an angel. You may also use these music pieces while working out and maybe even while studying. 


Including these sounds in Yoga and Meditation is an effective way to achieve better results in your mental wellness. 

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Repose in Nature

Furthermore, check out the videos of beautiful scenes of Nature accompanied with the respective sounds. The Sounds of the Rain, the Chirping of the Birds, the Flow of the Rivers, the Sonorous Cadences of Waterfall – you name it – you’ll get everything on Lunahead. 

When you are in the vicinity of nature, you are in the present – free from the regrets of the past and the hardships of the future. You remain still and calm. Lunahead aims at you achieving that state and improving your attention span. 

So, this is the time for you to get this app. Check it out and improve your productivity.