My Days Journey - Path to Personal Growth and Development

My Days Journey – Path to Personal Growth and Development

As the world is evolving rapidly, most of the human beings feel anxious about this change. However, adapting to these new technologies is wise, but forgetting your true nature is not the best choice. Hence, spending time with yourself can help you gain more understanding about your true self.


Story of Personal Development


Lunahead, for a change, is a healing platform that has an idea of focusing on human’s emotional needs. They have accumulated a vast set of soundtracks for individuals to act as a companion in their healing journey.

The one soundtrack that has acquired the attention of the most of the listeners is My Day’s Journey. In this short audio story, there is a man describing his day. That day he decided to step out of his house without planning anything for the particular day. Evidently, when we think about such days, with the pace of the world nowadays, it seems difficult to plan such outings.

Although, experiencing such a day would bring a lot of clarity in an individual’s mind and life. Similarly, this man stepped out of his comfort zone and went on a rendezvous with himself. As he starts his journey he affirms himself by saying, “It was a sunny morning, when I decided to do something new. Something different, to introduce some variety into my Life.”


Further in the story he shares his experience through the day. While he ventures out and observes the surroundings, those small things bring out a sense of life within him. With absorbing the warmth of the sun and feeling the happiness of the atmosphere he sat on a bench at the train station. He started watching people and their various moods and expressions made sense to him in a way.


Now, as we further move on to his journey, it is clearly visible that this unplanned visit to your own city will definitely change your view towards your town. To further accompany him on his voyage, click on the link below and join him now…


Lunahead escorts you in understanding most of the emotions in a very entertaining yet soothing way possible. To get into this powerfully relaxing zone, stay tuned for more such ventures…