Unveiling Exciting New Features of Lunahead

Lunahead is your trusted companion for serene meditation and sleep and it has recently undergone a significant upgrade. To illustrate the new additions, Lunahead is introducing a range of features designed to elevate your mindfulness journey.


Before moving further, let’s briefly understand the true nature of Lunahead. This is an application dedicated wholeheartedly to provide relaxation and support to your mind, soul and heart. There is a huge variety of guided meditation, serene soundtracks and sleep stories. 


Furthermore, these all were especially curated to let you enjoy the stress free mind. In short, an app dedicated to providing best meditation practice. Hence, every individual must try this beautiful compilation of mediation practices both video and audio. Because in the world of stress and loads, a calming mind is what we need.


So, now, let’s delve into these exciting additions that promise to enhance your experience of tranquility and self-discovery:

  • Subscription Bliss: Unlocking a World of Serenity


Lunahead now offers users the opportunity to delve deeper into its offerings with a subscription model. For a mere $0.99 a month or $6.99 annually, users gain access to an array of locked features, providing a seamless and uninterrupted meditation experience. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the full spectrum of Lunahead’s serene offerings.


Moreover, the subscription plans provided by Lunahead are very pocket friendly for all the users. Now, you don’t have to worry if meditation will make you lose money. These affordable subscription plans will open gates of serenity for all the users. So, without further ado, start your mindfulness meditation journey today!

  • Download: Personalize Your Tranquil Experience


In a move that caters to user preferences, Lunahead now allows you to download your favorite guided meditations, soothing soundtracks, and enchanting sleep stories. With the power to access these calming elements offline, Lunahead ensures that tranquility is always within your grasp, even when internet connectivity isn’t.


Besides, there are times when you may face network issues. Or you have certain favorites and want them by your side anytime you want. Thus, this new download feature is like a blessing to all. Users can easily download their favorite content and listen to the same at their convenience.

  • Around the World: A Journey Through Serenity


The new “Around the World” feature is a visual and auditory treat for users. Immerse yourself in the beauty of various countries through a series of clips showcasing serene landscapes, accompanied by calming soundtracks. It’s a virtual journey that transports you to different corners of the world, right from the comfort of your meditation space.


Hence, if you feel exhausted from everyday work and personal loads you can visit these countries just by a click. Because we all know it gets tough for all to get on with life while carrying loads of stress. And having a calming support system helps us release the same easily. So, individuals can easily release that negativity out of their mind just by listening and visualizing through these soundtracks.

  • Fresh Content: Continuous Serenity Unveiled


Lunahead keeps things fresh with the addition of new content. With a commitment to providing diverse and engaging experiences, Lunahead ensures that each session feels like a unique journey. Furthermore, it contributes to a sense of discovery and novelty every time you meditate.


Keeping the same optimism in mind, Lunahead is here with fresh new guided meditations, soundtracks and sleep stories. As a result, users will now have even more content to go through in order to be stress free and positive.


Let It Go with Lunahead


As you explore Lunahead’s new features, the subscription model unlocks a realm of possibilities. To illustrate, it allies you to tailor your meditation experience to your preferences. Downloading capabilities bring flexibility, ensuring that your serene journey isn’t bound by internet constraints.


“Around the World” adds a visual dimension, turning your meditation space into a global retreat, while the continuous infusion of fresh content keeps the experience ever-evolving and captivating.




All in all, Lunahead’s recent updates reflect its commitment to providing a holistic and tailored meditation experience. With these new features, Lunahead not only acknowledges the diverse needs of its users, it also aims in crafting an immersive and evolving journey toward serenity. In short, it is the best app for meditation.


Moreover, these new additions reaffirms Lunahead’s commitment to providing a personalized and enriching mindfulness experience for its users. It’s not just an app; it’s a companion on your path to tranquility.