Why don’t we talk about Vacation Stress? – Lunahead


We hear a lot about the importance of vacation in our lives, as to how helpful a holiday is! Because in our day-to-day lives we are surrounded by work and other life adventures. Hence, dealing with the same can be stressful for any and everyone.

Be it a person in an unconditional love with their work or family or both. There comes a time when that person is in great need of a holiday or a time off from this constant hustle and bustle. As a result, many professionals advise people to have a break from work and life in order to enjoy their personal time.

Then why feel anxious about vacaying?

However crucial this “me time” is, there is an ounce of anxiety hanging at the back of each workaholic’s mind. This is the actual stress of getting behind on the tasks that a particular person is taking care of.

Evidently, we do enjoy time off of work, but when we come back to it, there are piles and piles of work waiting for us at the desk. This makes a lot of people question the plans they made for this leisure time.

Let’s talk about the real bump in the road to vacay:


  • The hustle of planning!

The very first task that creates a huge fatigue is planning the trip. We plan dates and leaves for the said trip, but planning every other important thing for the same creates a huge stress. Hence, this is a huge step we need to take in order to enjoy our leisure time.


  • Packing rightly!

The second and most tiring labor is packing the correct clothes and needed accessories for the trip. Because we plan an abundance of things to do while we are away. And deciding the matching outfits for the same seems like a big task.

And let’s be real, however cool we are about our clothes, we do feel the need to be presentable in a town where nobody knows us. Likewise, we choose the perfect outfits for the days we plan outings.


  • Itinerary struggles!

The third and the last bang on the head is itinerary. Deciding the correct locations to visit becomes a huge task. Because for starters we have a limited period of time. Second, there is a huge list of famous places. And lastly, visiting all of them within a short period of time is next to impossible. Hence, this becomes a huge task to choose the correct locations.

Now, let’s figure out the importance of Vacation

There are several ways through which a vacation can heal our mind, soul and body. And it is majorly crucial to give yourself a time to relax regularly. Because through vacation you can improve several issues in your lives. Such as, vacation has the ability to:

  1. Improve your health, especially heart.
  2. It will keep your relationships strong.
  3. Will amplify the creativity and mindfulness in you.
  4. Majorly promotes overall well-being.
  5. Evidently, it reduces the risk of death.

Furthermore, there are several ways through which you can plan your mind for the vacation. Let’s talk about this briefly:

Things to remember before your Vacation


  • Select the dates wisely

While planning your vacation, keep your work and everything in mind. Because you are planning to relax in this time period. So, the dates that you decide must be perfect for you and your work.


  • Create the work list before you leave

The most important task before you leave for a vacation is to jot down the tasks that you need to complete before you leave. Obviously, these tasks should specifically be the one that need immediate attention.


  • Clarify the boundaries

Address your vacation plans to your teammates and boss clearly, “state the boundaries”! In short, during this period of time make sure that everyone at your work knows that you are on a break. Hence, this means that you won’t be answering any work related calls or emails.


  • Draft your away message

Be ready with your away message! While you are away from work, keep your message for the same ready. So that if you get an email or a message or a call from work, you can straightaway revert with the same.


  • Gift yourself with grace period

Set your calendar for leaves in such a way that you get ample time to catch up with your work swiftly. This can be for one day or two or the way you prefer. Thus, keep this important process in mind.

Things to remember during your Vacation


  • Actually sign-off from work

Now, during the vacation, enjoy the time completely. There are several people who keep their work related issues in mind even while vacaying. But it is not important to always think about your work. This is your time, and it is crucial for you to enjoy the same completely.


  • Stick to your plans

Prioritize relaxation, fun and relationships during vacation. Do not get distracted by a work call, message or email. Remember that this trip is to keep your mind away from stress. This is a way for you to relax your soul.


  • Don’t over-plan your trip

Planning a vacation takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of research as well. Thus, it is important to plan a trip in such a way that you don’t end up traveling all the time. Because the main agenda of this whole trip is to relax and enjoy your own and your family’s company.


  • Be present whole-heartedly

Calm your heart and enjoy the trip while having super fun. Do not fake this happiness, as it will eat you and you will feel more tired and stressed. So be present in the trip completely.


  • Don’t have high expectations

As we plan our trip after a long period of time. While working we think about having a lot of fun during our trips. And this feeling overwhelms us and we end up having high expectations from our trips. This results in making us feel sad about the trip. So enjoy the trip and let the adventures be the gift of your hard work.

Things to remember after your Vacation


  • Ease the flow of work

Post vacation blues are real! We feel excited about vacation and the continuous relaxation makes it difficult to re-enter the work life zone. Especially, immediately after returning from the trip. Hence, it is wise to plan a light get together with your friends to share photos and videos of the trip.


  • Keep the connection with yourself alive

After returning to your work life, maintain that connection with you that you rediscovered in the trip. The main reason for your vacation is to forget about stress and know yourself even in a better way. Hence, after re-creating this connection do not forget about it.


  • Stay connected with your team

The first thing that you must do when you are back is that you should check-in with your teammates and boss. List out the work that was done while you were gone and the work that is remaining. Then prioritize your tasks according to the same.


  • Reframe your priority chart

When you return from a relaxed trip, it opens your mind to greater ideas. So use this new brew of imagination and present the same in your work. Make a new priority chart for your work and plan things accordingly.


All in all, vacation is the best and only way to destress yourself. As we all know, work life nowadays has been very demanding. Because the evolution is constant and we keep working for the change in order to look unique and outstanding. Hence, taking a break from the same can make us more creative and filled with unique ideas.

So, vacay freely and enjoy the time completely. Work will always be in our lives and stressing about it while your vacation is a complete no-no. Thus, keep that inner child in you alive and enjoy the adventures while vacaying!